Choosing an Internet Casino

There are so many casinos on the internet. Every day more and more new players are signing up to play at internet casinos. How do you chose one that’s right for you? In this article I’ll attempt to provide you with some guidelines to follow to help you choose an internet casino to play at.

Largest Pay-Backs

It is very difficult to know which casino gives the largest pay-back. Internet casinos bombard potential players with all kinds of claims and marketing hype. Every casino wants to be seen to have the biggest pay-back ratios, but it is very important to know if the specific game you are playing is paying out well. It is essential for players to visit information portals, such as this one and read the reviews provided. A site such as this has a team of researchers dedicated to examining every aspect of a casinos operation. 

Review the Software before you Download

Most internet casinos have a “Preview” section that allows you to review the look and feel of the games on offer, as well as a description of how to play them, without having to download the software. The look and feel of a casino is a personal thing, and some casinos may be be more appealing o you because of their name or their look and feel. However it’s more important to look at the history of customer service, pay-backs and general reputation.

Turnaround and Process of Withdrawals

It’s important that when you want to withdraw your winnings, you can. Historically casinos may have only paid out once a month, for example. This level of service is no longer acceptable. You will find that casinos now make weekly if not instantaneous payouts. Familiarise yourself with the payout conditions, but weekly should be the worst that you should be willing to accept.

Player Support

It’s essential that you are able to contact someone should you have a problem or a query. You will find a support page on all of the better internet casinos. This page will set out the ways in which you can reach them. Every casino will have support via e-mail. In my opinion this is not enough. Internet casinos should provide 24/7 toll-free, telephonic support in the language of your choice. They should have more then one toll-free number, so you know you will get hold of someone when you need to.

But this practice of having toll-free numbers has also changed. Most casinos seem to have changed from toll-free to call-back or online customer service. Either of these is adequate, but it’s advisable to try them before you need to use them. Many casino now don’t do customer service in-house, but out-source tit to dedicated call centres. The staff may not be all that knowledgeable about internet gaming – so try the service before you become a big or regular player.

Regulation and Licensing Issues

There is no real law requiring a casino to be licensed, so it is really an issue of “voluntary compliance”- if a casino wants to build a reputable long term business it will do what it can to be appropriately licensed and regulated.

As the industry grows so more requirements are being put in place in terms of licensing and regulation zones throughout the world. Kanawhake in Canada, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Cyprus, etc have all developed into stable licensing zones, supported by committed governments, and this has resulted in fair play and reasonable conduct in the industry.

A good indicator of the internet casino’s willingness to comply to regulation is the presence of an eCOGRA Seal.


The big guys tend to denominate the industry. They have the money and resources to deliver a good playing experience – so choosing one of the biggies is usually a safe bet.

Keep an eye on our site to see if there are any bad reports on an internet casino. For a safe bet, we feel confident that you can chooses any internet casino on our site.

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