How to play online casino war

This has to be the easiest game to play in the Casino. And the dumbest. The rules are basic and simple. Whoever draws the highest card… wins. That’s it. End of lesson. Class dismissed. Ah, OK, here’s more:

The aim of the game of War is for a player to get a higher number card than the dealer. Having placed an opening bet, both player and dealer get 1 card. If the player’s card’s value is higher than the dealer’s, then the player receives a 1:1 payout or even money, on his bet. Should there be a tie, the player can decide to either fold and lose his original bet or he may  “Go to War”.  He does this by raising his bet by an amount equal to his original bet.

Thereafter, both player and dealer receive 3 cards face-down and 1card face-up. The player wins if his face-up card is equal to or beats the dealer’s face-up card. If the player wins, he receives a 1:1 payout, though only on the raised bet, and the original bet is a push. If the dealer’s face-up card is higher than the player’s, the player will loose both his bets.

War is played with 6 decks and no Jokers. The decks are re-shuffled after each hand.

  • The cards are ranked from Ace (the highest), down to 2 (the lowest ranking card).
  • The player must make an opening bet in order to start a game
  • The player has the option of making a Tie Bet. This bet pays 10:1.
  • Each player and House received 1 card face up.
  • When the casinos card is higher than the player’s – the player loses.
  • When the player’s card is higher than the Casinos card – the player wins even money. There are 2 options open to the player if his and the casinos cards are of the same rank: to surrender and loose half his bet. 2: To go to War.

Going to war means that both the Casino and the player make an additional bet equal to the original. The dealer then deals 1 card to the player and 1 to the house. There are 3 possible outcomes now: 1:If the player’s card is higher then the House’s card, he wins all the money on the specific hand. 2: If the House card is higher than the player’s, he loses. 3: If the player and house cards are of equal rank, the player wins and is paid a Bonus equal the amount of the original bet.

Apologies, but there is no strategy. I am sorry if I offended anyone.

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