The Impact of GDPR on Online Slot Sites

Lately, our inboxes have been full of companies requesting to stay in touch in the wake of GDPR. With everything from fashion brands to Facebook asking our permission, we wondered how this would impact the world of online casinos. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes.

Regaining Active Consent

You’ll probably have noticed many casino sites sending out emails to regain your consent to stay in touch. Under the new rules, these sites must gain your permission to stay in touch. For casino brands, this can be quite tricky as they run the risk of losing some active users.

Instead of sending out emails, some sites like Slot Games have opted to recapture this data as their user logs in. This means that those that want to stay active with them can do so on the course of their usual casino play. These are the users they really want to stay in touch with, so this makes perfect sense.

Some casino sites are also opting to tempt their users to give this active consent with new promotions. To make players more motivated to go online and give their consent, they’ve been ladling on redeposit offers and even some freebies. This data is incredibly valuable to many sites.

Logistics of GDPR

In theory, this is a simple process but the logistics take us in a different direction. This could potentially make things much trickier for smaller firms, as they must seek additional advice. Things become complicated when users request for their details to be forgotten.

By this point, they may have already had their data shared with a third party, which would then need to be contacted to remove this. This is fairly easy when one third party provider is concerned, but many of these casinos are partnered with hundreds of these.

It also places a bit of an ethical quandary into the loop when we consider the right to be forgotten. In the UK, an online casino has the responsibility of watching out for self-excluded players, but if they wished to rescind their data then they wouldn’t be able to do this. There are certainly a lot of complexities to consider!

Advantages for Players

Being able to request the deletion of your data is definitely a good thing for players. If you’re tired of spam or just don’t want your details stored with a site anymore, it’s great to be able to delete this for good. In the meantime, we’ll most likely still receive a lot more emails before this process has been completed.

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