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Jacks or Better Advanced Rules and Strategies

I realize a lot of gamblers enjoy going to a video poker room and simply play for a set amount of time. I actually do this with my son when he wants to play video games. I tell him I’ll play for an hour, but then I have to do some other stuff…like give you more gambling knowledge.  Whether I’m in a video poker room, playing slots, or sitting at a blackjack table, I always set a time limit.

Time limits are one of the best ways to keep your bankroll growing over the long term. It’s almost like building a 401k portfolio, when you put 50% of your money in something long-term. These don’t provide huge returns, but they are good ways to ensure you will have money when it’s time to retire. It’s a good idea to take this approach to gambling. It will allow you to play more often, minimize your losses, and grow your bankroll over the long haul.

Jacks or Better

However, there are times when you want to take a little more advanced approach than the basic or intermediate strategies. I want to show you a couple of those options, but with the mindset of being efficient with your decision making.

#1 Go for the Big Win every 10-20 Hands

I have no doubt you will be taking a huge risk by utilizing this approach, but creating a game plan will help you minimize the risk of big losses. Too many times have I seen someone playing for $4.00 to $5.00 a hand and hoping the big win comes. These people are not professional gamblers and most likely hate their jobs, or need money, so losing more isn’t going to hurt too much. Then you have the compulsive gambler that understands he will lose, but needs that “dig myself out of a hole” mentality to feel the rush of what most people call; the underdog.

If you want a chance to win big, do it sporadically (to the video poker room, not yourself). Every 10-20 hands, play for the max bet, and if the cards are right, go for the big win. Who knows, you could win a huge amount of money. Just make sure you choose exactly what spin you will do it on, and how many total hands you will be playing.

#2 Big Win vs. Probability

Advanced rules and strategies do not mean go-for-the-gusto every time you play the max bet. I’ve said this before in my previous video poker articles, but if you have a guaranteed win, please take it. There is no sense in trying for a Royal Flush if you have a few cards lined up, but already have three-of-a-kind. Take the win, especially at the max bet. It’s not going to be the biggest win, but it’s really not worth giving up in hopes you will somehow get the Royal Flush.

The people who work towards probability over the big win, typically come out ahead. Even if you see someone else win big, do you know how much they invested? This investment could have been over the last year, and they could actually still be down as a whole.

If you are dead set on taking the advanced approach, do so knowing it’s a very high risk. The good news is if you focus on winning probability, the risk won’t seem nearly as high.

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