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Stack up a small bankroll with Five Power Slots

Small bankroll? Need to top up your bankroll without going bust? Then you need these five “power slots”. Now, you might wonder why we would call them power slots but once you start playing you’ll see what we saw the first time we played: these are all great slots that can give us great wins without going over budget.

Dreaming of a big bankroll won’t get you anywhere unless you’re ready and willing to take action towards this goal. What could you do with a bigger bankroll, especially at a casino that doesn’t just offer slot games? You could ideally take your bankroll and play poker and do a lot better as a bigger stack than a smaller one. When you have more bankroll, you have more options. That’s all there is to it.

But let’s get down to business and reveal these five slots, hmm?

1. Lost Island

Lost Island slot

You have so many ways to bet on this slot game that you’re not going to go over budget. Lost Island is a NetEnt slot and they made sure that the small stack is just as welcome as the high roller. The theme of Lost Island is all about mystery: why is one half of the island in the light and the other half bathed in nothing but darkness? The music is so eerie that we had to turn it off, but you might not have that problem.

The best way to check out the game would be to stick to the letter symbol hunting: if you find even just three symbols, you’ll get 5 times your stake. But if you find all five of the tribal drums, this is worth 350 times your stake. Even with a small bankroll, this can be a lot of money.

The wild symbols will help boost your winnings, and even help you make paying lines that would otherwise have gone cold. Look out for those scatter symbols because you get free spins and those will help you make money without digging into your bankroll.

2. The Wish Master

The Wish Master slot

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a genie that could fulfill your ever wish? That doesn’t happen in real life. But what if you had a slot that could answer your dreams of a bigger bankroll? The Wish Master can deliver this. It’s a five reel and twenty payline slot that lets you get immersed in the action.

The genie isn’t the Disney version — we thought he was a little ominous. Play this slot and tell us what you think.

But back to the features, you’ve got expanding wilds that help you make matches and you also have scatter symbols. If you’ve played a lot of slot games, you should know what those scatter symbols do. But they do lead to free spins here, and you can trigger those again and again.

3. Moolah Monsters

Moolah Monsters slot

Do you want a chance at a 10,000 coin jackpot? Then you definitely need to check out Moolah Monsters. This is an obvious Halloween theme, but the focus is more on a cartoonish scare than a serious one. All of the usual slot features are there, including a great bonus round. You get three pumpkin symbols to pick from. You only have 20 seconds to pick one. Each one has a different prize for you in the form of free spins. There are scatters and wilds as well, both designed to help you raise your bankroll up.

4. Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me slot

High graphics? Check. Lots of action? Check. If you’re into the glitter and glam, Dazzle Me has plenty of it for you to check out. The minimum betting level is also really low, giving everyone a chance to check this one out. You’ve got to put up just 0.2 coins for a single spin. This slot is also mobile friendly, making it a really popular choice amongst gamblers.

We’ve talked about Dazzle Me before, but we really needed to highlight it again for small stacks. Even though there are only 20 paylines, it’s the features that make this slot game stand out. You get the Dashing Wild Reels bonus, and this is a bonus game that comes up quite often. You get a lot of free spins in this game, along with a feature that’s called Linked Reels. Two reels that are right next to each other will have matching symbols from top to bottom. This explodes your profits without having to pour in a ton of cash.

5. Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs slot

Have you ever dreamed about getting into a ring against another boxer? What about someone that you really didn’t like? OK, we might be stretching a bit…but we really did like Fisticuffs. This takes us back to the early 20th century, where boxing was a completely different animal.

This is only a ten payline slot but you get three different types of slots. The minimum betting option is also low, making it a great option for small players.

Straight Wilds, Diagonal Wilds, and regular wilds all populate this game. Pay attention to this, because the two “Wilds” will punch each other and give you extra prizes. Check this one out!

There are plenty of great slot games out there but we definitely want to bring these five slots to your attention. As long as you’re thinking about how to expand your bankroll slowly you shouldn’t have any problem at all getting what you really need to get done.

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